My pokie trip To Australia

My pokie trip To Australia

It was my midsummer break and I had nowhere to go, I was studying in the Cambridge and my roommate was from Australia and he insisted me to go with him to his home. At first I was bit hesitated but finally agreed because he made me promise that he will get me to the famous casinos of there, of which I heard the most in our very own premises of college with the mouths of other aussies.

So, we took a long flight to Melbourne and get all set for the entertainment we were about to have later. The only thing that made me ready for the visit was the Australian pokies game. I had this habit of playing games online whenever I got the spare time whether I am in the class or in the loo. So when we got there I saw some very big hotels and casino which I have heard of from my friend in the college and was pretty excited to go there and play there.

Eventually, we got there and played with the first machine after entering the casino and won some big bonuses with the free spins and then I played with the real money as well. it was over all a very nice trip and unforgettable too.

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