Mega Fortune: Really a Mega Slot

Mega Fortune: Really a Mega Slot

It was the coldest season, and my flight was cancelled due to the bad weather, when I was returning from Egypt in case of a business meeting of an engineered project. And I had to spare the night alone stuck and had no one to talk even. That is the reason why I don’t like going on business trip like these. If you get caught in a problem or something you have to tackle it all by yourself. The morning was quite good at the airport but as the sun was going down the temperature was also getting down like hell.

And I had slept almost all the noon, and had nothing to do after the dinner. So I took out my android phone and thought of playing the online casino slots. So I searched on the internet and found this game called the mega fortune. It was talked on most of the forums I take a look at. I also read the reviews of the machine and watch some tutorial videos on youtube as well, as I always do that before starting to play a new game. And I think it is a good habit to do so and even one should play with the free spin and no deposit before getting along with the real money.

It turned out to be the best pokie slot I ever played. It got five reels and 25 paylines and it is a progressive jackpot game which was pretty amazing and was totally going with the name of the game called mega in the title. I won quite good money there and was satisfied with me that I utilized the spare time pretty well and made some money as well. And that’s what everyone must take care of.

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