Maximizing Rental Property ROI: Strategies for Success in New Zealand’s Rental Market


Investing in rental properties in New Zealand can be a lucrative endeavor, but to truly maximize your return on investment (ROI), it’s essential to employ effective strategies. In this blog post, we will explore a range of strategies that can help property owners in New Zealand optimize their rental property returns. By implementing these tips on property selection, renovation projects, rental market analysis, and tenant management, you can enhance your chances of achieving long-term success and profitability.

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Property Selection for Maximum ROI

Selecting the right rental properties is the foundation for maximizing your ROI. When considering property selection, it’s crucial to take various factors into account. First and foremost, analyze the potential rental demand in the area and identify high-demand locations and property types. Additionally, assess the property’s appreciation potential and rental market stability to ensure a steady income stream. By carefully considering these key factors, you can make informed decisions that align with your investment goals and increase the likelihood of a higher ROI.

Renovation Projects for Higher Rental Property ROI

Renovations can significantly impact the value and rental income of your property. Identifying renovation opportunities that can increase both is essential. Look for cost-effective renovation ideas tailored to the New Zealand rental market. Focus on improvements that will attract tenants and boost the property’s appeal, such as enhancing the kitchen or bathroom, upgrading flooring, or adding energy-efficient features. Striking the right balance between renovation costs and expected ROI is crucial, ensuring that your investment in renovations aligns with your financial goals.

Rental Market Analysis for Informed Decision Making

Conducting a thorough rental market analysis is vital for making informed investment decisions. Stay updated on rental trends, vacancy rates, and rental price ranges in your target areas. Leverage available data and tools to gain insights into the local rental market. By understanding the dynamics of supply and demand, you can set appropriate rental rates and position your property competitively. A well-informed approach to rental market analysis will help you optimize your rental income and attract quality tenants.

Effective Tenant Management for Long-Term ROI

Tenant management plays a crucial role in maximizing your rental property’s long-term ROI. Implement strategies that attract and retain reliable tenants, such as conducting thorough tenant screenings and background checks. Fair and competitive rental pricing is also essential to maintain high occupancy rates. Foster positive landlord-tenant relationships by promptly addressing tenant concerns and ensuring property maintenance. By prioritizing effective tenant management, you can minimize vacancies, reduce turnover costs, and create a stable income stream.

Legal and Compliance Considerations for New Zealand Landlords

As a rental property owner in New Zealand, it’s important to understand your legal obligations and responsibilities. Familiarize yourself with tenancy agreements, bond requirements, and rental regulations specific to the region. Ensure compliance with health and safety standards to protect both yourself and your tenants. By adhering to the legal framework and staying up to date with any changes, you can mitigate potential risks and maintain a smooth and legally compliant operation.

Ongoing Property Performance Evaluation

Regularly evaluating your rental property’s performance is crucial for maximizing ROI. Monitor key metrics such as occupancy rates, rental income, and expenses to identify areas for improvement. Adjust your strategies accordingly to address any shortcomings and capitalize on opportunities. Evaluate the potential for expanding your property portfolio or diversifying your investments based on market trends and your financial objectives. Ongoing evaluation and adaptation will enable you to stay ahead of the curve and optimize your rental property returns.


Maximizing rental property ROI in New Zealand requires a strategic and informed approach. By carefully selecting properties, investing in renovation projects, conducting thorough rental market analysis, effectively managing tenants, adhering to legal obligations, and continuously evaluating property performance, you can optimize your return on investment. Implementing these strategies will not only increase your rental income but also contribute to long-term profitability and success as a property owner in New Zealand. Embrace these strategies, and unlock the full potential of your rental property investments.

Self-Storage Investments: A Comprehensive Guide to Maximizing Your Profits

Self storage facilities have emerged as a profitable investment option in recent years, thanks to their potential for generating stable cash flow, minimizing risks, and providing long-term asset appreciation. However, to reap the rewards of investing in self storage facilities, you need to understand the investment process and factors that determine success. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to self storage investments, covering benefits, considerations, investment types, financing options, and tips for successful investing.

Understanding Self Storage Investments

Self storage investments involve purchasing and managing self storage facilities, aiming to generate rental income and long-term appreciation of assets. The self storage industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, with over 59,500 self storage facilities operating in the United States alone. Investing in self storage facilities can provide several benefits, including stable cash flow, risk diversification, and long-term asset appreciation.

Benefits of Self Storage Investments

Investing in self storage facilities can provide a steady stream of rental income and passive cash flow, as long as there is demand for storage space. Self storage investments also offer diversification and risk management as they are not directly tied to the stock market, minimizing volatility and risks. Additionally, self storage investments can offer long-term asset appreciation as the value of the property appreciates over time.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Self Storage

Before investing in self storage facilities, you need to consider several factors. Location and market demand are critical considerations as investing in areas with high demand for storage units can maximize returns. Property management is also crucial as well-managed facilities can result in satisfied tenants and higher rental rates. Understanding industry regulations and laws is also essential to avoid legal issues and liability.

Types of Self Storage Investments

Self storage investments come in various types, including Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), individual properties, and joint ventures. REITs are a popular option as they offer diversification and access to a professionally managed portfolio of self storage facilities. Individual properties offer more control over the investment but require more hands-on management. Joint ventures offer a combination of both, allowing investors to pool resources and share the workload.

Financing Self Storage Investments

Financing options for self storage investments include traditional bank loans, private equity, and crowdfunding. Traditional bank loans typically require a strong credit history and collateral, while private equity can provide more flexibility but may involve higher interest rates. Crowdfunding allows multiple investors to pool their resources and invest in a self storage facility together.

Tips for Successful Self Storage Investing

To be successful in self storage investing, you need to have a strong business plan, understand tenant needs, and have a solid marketing strategy. Conducting thorough research before investing is essential, including reviewing financial records, understanding the local market, and conducting a property inspection. Evaluating potential investments carefully and avoiding common pitfalls, such as overpaying for a property or underestimating ongoing costs, can increase your chances of success.


Investing in self storage facilities can be a profitable venture with the potential for stable cash flow, risk diversification, and long-term asset appreciation. Understanding the investment process and factors to consider before investing is critical to maximizing your returns. By considering location and market demand, property management, investment types, financing options, and tips for successful investing, you can make informed decisions and increase your chances of success. Seeking professional advice and continuing to learn about the self storage industry can help you stay up-to-date on trends and opportunities.


  1. Self-Storage Association – The Self-Storage Association (SSA) represents the self-storage industry in the United States and abroad, providing resources such as education, research, networking, and advocacy.
  2. Inside Self-Storage – Inside Self-Storage is a leading publication for self-storage owners, operators, investors, and managers. The website offers a range of resources, including industry news, webinars, education, and research.
  3. SpareFoot – SpareFoot is a leading online marketplace for self-storage, connecting consumers with storage units across the country. The company also provides a wealth of resources and information on investing in self-storage.
  4. How to Invest in Self Storage: A 2023 Guide – This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights and tips for investing in self-storage facilities in 2023, including market trends, investment types, and financing options.

Best 15 Real Estate Agents In Manurewa, Auckland

The median house listing price is $884,000. This has changed 30.10% in the past year, and 8.03% in the past 2 years. Exciting opportunity to support one of agents in the Remuera office with either keen interest or previous experience in real estate. RE/MAX is a global franchise network that includes franchisee-owned and operated offices as well as independent professionals. RE/MAX affiliates are leaders in the industry for professional designations, production experience, and other relevant information. Real Estate is a complex and dynamic area of work that demands experts to stay informed about rules and regulations as well as the Manurewa, Auckland market.

Mark was very helpful and understanding, he is very experienced in this industry. Ray White Manurewa’s longevity is a distinct asset in the field of real estate. It’s safe to say there are few questions they couldn’t answer, and even fewer problems they couldn’t solve. Ray White Manurewa can help you take the stress out selling or buying property. They’ll also help you have fun along the way Sue Douglas Group, the parent company, has tripled its operations in the past three years, extending to Drury, Takanini, with the Manurewa office serving as the central hub for customer care, marketing, and administration.

  • Real Estate is a complex and dynamic area of work that demands experts to stay informed about rules and regulations as well as the Manurewa, Auckland market.
  • Are you a savvy property manager looking for your next move?
  • Set in a cul-de-sac position all fully fenced is safe for your children and pets.

Bayleys Ponsonby is looking for a PA with prior real estate experience to join their team. RE/MAX New Zealand may transfer your personal information to overseas countries including but not limited to the Ray White team Manurewa United States of America, China and Australia in order to perform one or more of our functions or activities. It can also be transferred between any country in which our service providers are located.

Browse through our network of 91 agents before you hire a Manurewa real estate agent. Review the home owners, look at their past projects, and then request a quote form the best realty agents near you. A property sale in Manurewa or Auckland can be stressful, thrilling, and exhausting – sometimes all at once! A good broker or real estate agent is a key to a successful sale or purchase of a home. We’re experts in investment and residential real estate and have a massive database of investors, buyers and sellers.

A buyer’s agent will search Manurewa property listings that meet your needs. They will work with the seller’s agents to schedule showings and accompany you on tours of the home. The agent will negotiate the price and other terms for you if you are interested in the house and coordinate the paperwork. Century 21 Gold Real Estate offers a wide range of properties and houses for rent or sale in Auckland, New Zealand. We have a variety of residential, rural, and commercial real estate that will suit all budgets. Don’t wait to buy real estate; buy real estate and wait If you are looking to add ideal mix to you realty portfolio building or just searching for a valuable investment, look no further. CASH COW – SUPER INVESTMENT Tucked away down a shared driveway offers 700 sqm freehold site.

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What you can really buy in the few Auckland suburbs which are still priced under $1m.

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The 12 Best Ways To Make More Money With Facebook Ads

how to make money with google adsense on facebook

Perrin stated, “I can’t overemphasize the enthusiasm that advertisers have for video,” Credit Suisse estimates that such product updates will help personalize ads, and boost YouTube’s revenues, which currently is $9.80 per user per year. This would allow the company to better compete against Facebook which is monetized at approximately $30 per user per year according to estimates by the firm.

If you can figure out the method to earn money from Facebook this could very likely be your first step stone to earn money from your home. I will share with you how I as well as my friends have done it. made money from Facebook. I believe that advertising that is targeted to people will have better results than matching ads to websites.

So, this is definitely a way to make money from Facebook ads. For the best results, go through the comments posted by users and respond to them to increase your engagement. The domain ads allow you to earn money with Facebook ads and also get your name noticed. There is always room to improve So let’s look at an overview of some of the best methods to earn money with Facebook ads. You balance self-promotion while sharing content that is relevant to your brand. Neil Patel, cofounder of Neil Patel Digital, stated that they’re working to create a single point of contact that allows you to view and manage all your data.

Think about upgrading your mod skills if you don’t hold the Facebook group’s throne. As an admin of a high-quality group you must focus on providing value to your members. This means that posts should website profit shark be of value to members. It’s very important that you to monitor and regulate the content posted to your group if you’re trying to make some money from it. It’s not simple. We also recognize that moderating can be stressful.

There are numerous ways to earn money if you own Facebook pages with a certain amount of followers, either with or without websites. Frankly, it’s easier to start with an existing Facebook page and then create a monetized site than it is to start with a website and try to build an Facebook following from it. The monetization feature of Facebook Audience Network was initially available only on mobile apps that were on FAN’s network. However, they have swiftly adapted and have since added Instant Articles which makes their network like that of Google AdSense.

Playing Online Pokies at Spin Casino

Of course, there is one thing that is important to know about playing at Spin Casino NZ online. The site allowa you to wager real money on slot machines and other casino games. This means that you can make use of the welcome bonuses to optimise your bankroll.

There are two versions to play. If you want to play online, then you can do this by visiting any number of gambling websites that will give you the chance to play. If you prefer a table real-time, then there are plenty of live ones available as well. Either way, you have all the fun and excitement of the traditional slot game without having to travel anywhere.

If you are looking for a fun way to spend a few hours with some great graphics and sound, then the game is just for you. You can play the game right from the comfort of your own home anytime you want. Just make sure you start off by selecting the right deposit bonus amount and make sure you select a reliable payment method before you actually begin playing the game. Once you do that, you will be all set to have a great time playing any game at all.

One of the hottest gambling games in town is the Spin Casino. This game is different from traditional slot machines because you do not need a bank roll to start, and the jackpots can reach upwards of $10k. The best part about playing is that you are always going to find some great payouts so you can make some serious money!

New Zealand online casino

The first version of is a card/ticket game. You can choose to play for free or opt for a small nominal charge. Once you have joined, you will be put into a table with other players. This is where your luck begins to work for you. As you add credits to your hand, you can use them to make spins on the machine. Eventually, you will get to the jackpot which will be a wonderful surprise.

New Zealand online casino

The second version is where you have to pay real cash to activate a spin. If you are playing the free versions of this game, then you can play for free. The rules of the game are the same as the traditional slots with the exception that you do not get a specific card or number to keep while playing the Spin Casino. That means that you need to think carefully about your buys before you take one, and you can only make them when you hit the correct card or number on the slot machine.

Spin Casino NZ

Play Like A Pro With Spin Casino Welcome Bonus Codes

To start enjoying the free spins, you need to login first and check out the welcome The codes are usually found in the lower right corner of your screen. Once you click on the code, you will be taken to another page. Enter the code and you will be asked to confirm the registration.

loyalty program

The online casinos will prompt you again if you need to register with a real name or a user name. Choose the name that you want to use and enter the verification code. Once you have done so, you are now ready to play the games and win rewards on your deposit bonuses.

With a Spin Casino welcome bonus code, you will be able to signup with the casino without any problem. This is because the casino would not know your real name or where you came from. Once you have done so, you can now use your own credit card or payment channel to fund your account. If you have not deposited any cash yet, you can choose to play for free spins for two hours. After which, you can now withdraw the money you won to your account.

VIP program

A player who successfully makes his deposit will receive his real money amount by clicking the Spin Casino welcome bonus link. The casino will confirm the funds in your account. Before you can use the funds, you will also be asked to register and create your own user name. The user name is what you will use to access the main casino website.

After registering, players can use the free spin games or deposit bonus for their favorite games. There are no restrictions and players can withdraw money to their bank account or credit card. To get the best online casino games, make sure you know how to find the casinos, choose the best casinos and signup offers that meet your gaming needs and preferences.

Spin Casino welcome bonus

The free spins come after the player has made his initial deposit. A player has email address before he can use the bonus code. Once the verification is done, the player will have to visit the specific casino website to claim his bonus amount. The same process is followed to withdraw the cash.

VIP program

Whether you are from the UK, the US, Canada, Germany or the Netherlands, Free allows you to receive up to double the deposit bonus of an account holder who signs up with the promotional offer. The double bonus is available only for online slot games and can only be redeemed by depositing at least $25 into your online casino account. You need to download the free casino software and register in order to receive the welcome bonus.

Responsible Gambling

Unfortunately, many individuals involved in online gaming activities make much money through unlawful means, and there is very little that anyone can do to stop them from doing so. Regulating these criminal activities can only be done if the state is able to pass meaningful legislation. However, even with comprehensive legislation it is likely that the majority of states will not have sufficient resources to effectively regulate the relatively small number of online gambling operations that currently exist. Those who operate criminal activities online should be strongly discouraged from using credit cards or other financial means to pay for their gambling activities, as this act could lead to serious criminal charges.

In line with addressing the problem of underage gambling, underage gamblers must be made aware of the risk of participating in online gambling and must be educated on the risks of gambling. Adherents to this belief are often confused by attempts to regulate online gambling, as there is no federal law or regulation mandating the creation of age requirements for online operators. However, all states require parental consent before accessing casino websites, so parents should certainly discuss the issue of gambling with their teenage children.

Spin Casino

Responsible gamblers know the risks that they are taking when they gamble. They are aware that they may lose a considerable amount of money at least once. They are also aware that gambling can create an environment that is ripe for fraud and other criminal activities. If you choose to gamble online and intend to gamble responsibly, you should educate yourself about online gambling laws and their implications for your particular situation. You should also develop an understanding of the reality check that you need to perform before you begin gambling online.

Malta Gaming Authority

Responsible gambling is a group of public-private initiatives by the international gambling industry to ensure the safety and ethicalfulness of its operations and to support the creation of a sense of responsibility among gamblers. Gambling is considered a harmless and exciting recreational activity that can provide an avenue for relaxation and recreation for millions of people around the world. The potential for negative outcomes from indulging in gambling is real, even for those who are aware of the risks. However, the possibility of negative consequences is mitigated by ensuring appropriate management and regulation of the sector. This includes the use of effective policies and procedures and a comprehensive risk assessment as well as periodic government inspections and evaluations.

Gamblers are faced with many stressful circumstances in their lives, including the possibility of developing gambling addiction. For this reason, it is particularly important that concerned family members, friends, and loved ones take the necessary steps to help prevent a problem gambling habit from developing. Some steps to take toward this end include informing the individual that gambling addiction is not something that he or she can “catch” or “self-diagnose.” This information can empower those who are worried about a loved one developing gambling addiction and can provide a supportive mechanism for those individuals already experiencing the trauma of losing a loved one to the habit. This information may also make the individual feel more comfortable with discussing the problem with his or her doctor or other healthcare provider.

Spin Casino

The problems faced by many online operators concerning data security are also a top concern for state regulatory agencies. Many states have taken steps to implement data security legislation in an effort to protect personal information from being compromised.

Regulating gambling operators based on how confidential customer information is handled can prevent cyber criminals from stealing or misusing customer information. Gambling operators should implement measures to protect against the unauthorized transmission of confidential customer information, including measures to implement secure socket layer security.

Malta Gaming Authority

Spin Casino Live Dealer Games

One of the oldest and still most popular around is card games like poker and blackjack. They have been a part of American and European society for decades. They have been known to be a fun way to pass the time, and some people enjoy playing them alone at home. Card games can range from simple game variations where you are dealing with face cards, all the way to complex, skill-rating games like baccarat. Although there are a lot of variations, they all follow a basic set of rules. It is easy to learn card games because they are often simple and require no special skills.

Skill games are popular casino games that require strategy and careful thinking. There are many variations of these, including card games and skill stop machines. While they do not necessarily require any special skills, they are still popular because the player must think strategically and make educated decisions. The player must be aware of what cards are coming up and must be able to make wise side bets.

table games

One of the most popular casino games played at online casinos is poker. Millions of people worldwide play this game, and it can be found in a variety of different variations. Many of the different versions involve playing for money on the casino floor, while others involve playing for fun in a table game.

The three most popular casino games are blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Each of these games require its own unique set of strategies to be successful. Blackjack and baccarat are the two most popular games at casinos today and often require the use of various casino currency. In blackjack, players are required to bet a certain amount of money that will win or lose the game. In baccarat, players need to bet an equal amount of money on both the “buy” and “sell” buttons on the machine to spin the baccarat wheel.

Spin Casino live dealer games

Although casino games are the most common forms of gambling, they aren’t the only ones. Online gambling has become a very lucrative activity as well. It has been around for several years, but it really took off when internet gambling was legal all around the world. Today, anyone can go online and place a bet on casino games or other gambling events. A great deal of this has to do with the fact that casino games are difficult to get a hold of in real life, so players can sometimes find ways to beat the casinos at their own game.

Spin Casino live dealer games

No matter what type of casino games you prefer, remember that you are playing for keeps. Blackjack is by far the hardest of the casino games out there, because it requires almost perfect strategy to win. While no one can strategize against the house, you can still beat the house edge on most variations of blackjack. If you learn a few tricks and put them into practice regularly, you should have no trouble beating the casino’s cut and getting a big pay off on any variations of blackjack.

table games

Slots are the most popular casino games. They are easy to pick up since the rules are the same as those of blackjack. Slots are played in just a few minutes. Just like blackjack, players need to bet a specific amount of money to win, and they have a limited amount of time to spin the wheel before it stops. The jackpot is also continuously replenished, although it may increase or decrease depending on which machines are running. Unlike the other casino games, slots have no special skills or tactics in order to win.

All The Best Real Money Pokies For iPhone With No Deposit Bonus Including Aristocrat & Microgaming Free slots Online Games To Win Real Money

Last weekend it was my friend’s birthday. So, I enjoyed the whole day with him. We visited different places. We went to a resort and spent some memorable moments there. His birthday party was in the evening time. So, I decided to purchase a gift for him. I went to a gift shop and bought a special gift for him. In the party we enjoyed the music and dancing. Then I came back to my home. As usual I started using Facebook and chatting with my friends. There I got a link to play online casino. I found it as an interesting thing. They named it as Dolphin tale. I got the latest fun for that boring time I was spending. It was the game of feeding fishes to the winter. I remembered that I have watched a movie on this. That movie was a documentary. I watched it online with some of my friends. So, I wanted to know more about it before playing.

I read the reviews and playing instructions of it. Really it was a nice game. It had lot of likes and positive comments. So I did not want to waste my time more. I started playing it. At the lower levels I was not able to face too many difficulties. But as I was going higher I found that there were lots of barriers present there. In the dolphin tale you have to manage a strong place where you have to feed the winter. Both the winter and you have to face moving barriers. You have to escape from those to feed fishes to winter. I enjoyed every step while playing it. I liked to face such kind of challenges that provide me lots of fun. I found a strong spot where I got an opportunity to feed the winter more. That was the greatest moment for me to feed the winter. I played it till the time I did not fall sleep. I found it as one of the best fun in my life. Playing with the winter and saving it from the moving barriers is a tough task, but not impossible.

Now I use play it as I got some free time. I shared dolphin tale on YouTube and twitter account with my friends. They also played it and find it as the best one they have played ever. This gives them full fun and enjoy. I and my friends have won a lot of prizes in it while playing together. We play it together and won the highest scores and prizes. So if you like to play a challenging and most interesting one then play it and enjoy. It’s clear you will not be disappointed..

I begin searching for popular pokie games and fortunately I discovered some pretty effectively and after that I limited them down to ones, which were putting forth no store reward to win genuine cash, Since I got just Macintosh gadgets Like iPhone and iPad.the greater part of them were entirely great made by privileged person and Microgaming, so I played them gratefully.

Mega Fortune: Really a Mega Slot

It was the coldest season, and my flight was cancelled due to the bad weather, when I was returning from Egypt in case of a business meeting of an engineered project. And I had to spare the night alone stuck and had no one to talk even. That is the reason why I don’t like going on business trip like these. If you get caught in a problem or something you have to tackle it all by yourself. The morning was quite good at the airport but as the sun was going down the temperature was also getting down like hell.

And I had slept almost all the noon, and had nothing to do after the dinner. So I took out my android phone and thought of playing the online casino slots. So I searched on the internet and found this game called the mega fortune. It was talked on most of the forums I take a look at. I also read the reviews of the machine and watch some tutorial videos on youtube as well, as I always do that before starting to play a new game. And I think it is a good habit to do so and even one should play with the free spin and no deposit before getting along with the real money.

It turned out to be the best pokie slot I ever played. It got five reels and 25 paylines and it is a progressive jackpot game which was pretty amazing and was totally going with the name of the game called mega in the title. I won quite good money there and was satisfied with me that I utilized the spare time pretty well and made some money as well. And that’s what everyone must take care of.

Mega Moolah Pokie World

If you want the money at a single night, the thing I suggest is the gambling world. And also in them, the online slots are the most promising one if you want to win the jackpot for sure. This is because there is a good possibility of getting all perfect if proper strategies are being followed. Also the rules and the tricks for any game must be taken so deeply that there will be the minimum chances of losing. Like, when I made a try for the Mega Moolah, I also made a good preparation for before.

The online review helped more for knowing this slot game better before the actual play. There I also noticed the jackpot graphs of so many games from the long list there being offered. Also I found the free spins that felt like another option for the more cash and the rewards. In short, the cherry on the cake is what something like this. The graphics of this one is really the refreshing and will not allow peeping out of its world and the lyrics which are used in the background music is heart pleasing.

Then I noticed that there is an option for the free slots which can give me more out of my bets. So I moved with more positive feeling of winning, and luckily I received the same what I perceived. It was an incredible feel which I go for the first time. And I want this for the frequent   basis from now as I am an addict for now for such charm and the aroma.

Pokies Online Real Money Apps For iPhone & Android Devices With No Deposit Bonus To Win Real Money

It was a pretty cool day, the roads were all blocked and I had nowhere to go, since it was a weekend so there was nothing good on TV also, except movies that I have seen many times. So I decided to get some sleep first because of the insomnia attack I got every now and then. I again started the TV and watched an episode of Dexter. Then I got online for social networking but nobody was in mood of talking actually. Then I came to remember that I am kind of stuck in a level of a video game. So I tried getting out of it, but couldn’t manage.

Eventually I take out my iPhone and installed this new slot game app, of which I heard about in the office last week. But I was avoiding it because of the promise I made to someone. The game name was lucky 88. It has always been my favorite one since I started gambling. It got 5 non-progressive reel 25 pay lines, with a wild Symbol, scatter symbol, pretty high multiplier, free spin and free play also.

Actually, initially I tried using cheats and implement the dice feature along with the big win on my android device. But nothing really helped so ultimately I started playing with the jackpot version. I abandoned gambling at first because my wife doesn’t like at all. But I think getting back to it or playing it not so frequently and secretively was not a bad idea. I really won some big jackpot that day and it came to be proven that the 88 is really my lucky number. Actually its Chinese mythology that the game has taken it name. And I think it really if you are playing with this fruit machine.

Subsequently, I personally decide on playing some free pokies online that additionally offers no store reward, that is why I downloaded a few blue-bloods applications in my iPhone and attempted to profit with that. on a decent hand, I was blessed that day and won some genuine cash with the credits I brought through Paypal and in the event that you win cash, at that point, it likewise coming out with Paypal record.

My pokie trip To Australia

It was my midsummer break and I had nowhere to go, I was studying in the Cambridge and my roommate was from Australia and he insisted me to go with him to his home. At first I was bit hesitated but finally agreed because he made me promise that he will get me to the famous casinos of there, of which I heard the most in our very own premises of college with the mouths of other aussies.

So, we took a long flight to Melbourne and get all set for the entertainment we were about to have later. The only thing that made me ready for the visit was the Australian pokies game. I had this habit of playing games online whenever I got the spare time whether I am in the class or in the loo. So when we got there I saw some very big hotels and casino which I have heard of from my friend in the college and was pretty excited to go there and play there.

Eventually, we got there and played with the first machine after entering the casino and won some big bonuses with the free spins and then I played with the real money as well. it was over all a very nice trip and unforgettable too.